Re-designation of IBTO as WHO Collaborating Center for 2017-2021
Iranian Minister of Health: IBTO stands in the way of progress

In a visit to the Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization (IBTO) on the occasion of New Year, Dr. Ghazizadeh Hashemi, Iranian Minister of Health appreciated the efforts of IBTO in order to promote the safety and health among Iranians.

“During past three years, we have not faced any challenges in terms of safety and availability of blood and blood components”. He said.

While noting the successful implementation of IBTO’s plans and goals, he highlighted the importance of new initiatives of the organization through rationalizing the blood usage by revising its fully-governmental funded cost recovery system and involving insurers. “Non-dependency of IBTO to governmental finance paves the ways for its advancement and increases job satisfaction among the staff.” He added.

In this visit, Dr. Pourfathollah IBTO Managing Director presented a report on the latest achievement of IBTO. He pointed out that significant progress has been made through the promotion of blood safety in Iran where the safety of blood is now comparable to high-income countries.

“IBTO has also successfully implemented the screening test for volunteers of first time blood donation in 15 provinces. The project tries to replace the first time blood donors with regular blood donors. During the pilot phase done in Kordestan province, about 8.000 of first time blood donors (21.6 %) have been replaced with repeated and regular blood donors within 10 months.” He said.

Highlighting the importance of patient blood management, Dr. Pourfathollah said that we have witnessed the reduction of blood transfusion in hospitals that were equipped with heamovigilance system and blood transfusion monitoring committees.